Advantages of wooden greenhouse frames


Most greenhouses were constructed with wood in the past but over the years, wood have been substituted with other materials e.g. Aluminium. However, even wood frame greenhouse kits are not popular nowadays, they are still in use. Wooden greenhouse frames have the following advantages:
1. CostThe cost of a wooden greenhouse depends on the type of wood used. Nevertheless, wooden greenhouses are cheap and affordable to most people. Cedar is considered to be the best wood for use when making a greenhouse but it is very costly. Yellow pine is cheaper and can also be used to construct greenhouses.
2. Ease of constructionWith simple hand tools, you can be able to build your own greenhouse with wood. You don’t have to possess much skills as you would be required when using other materials such as Aluminium. However, you need to have basic construction skills to be successful.
3. DurabilityDurability of a wooden greenhouse is determined by the type of wood used. A cedar greenhouse can remain intact and functional for decades because the wood is of high quality. However, if you construct your greenhouse with a wood susceptible to moisture, it will rot at a faster rate and may not last long.You can use cheaper wood to construct your greenhouse but you will need to treat it to last long. Nevertheless, you will have to be careful because treated wood can be toxic to plants grown in a greenhouse!
4. Wood is a natural insulatorWood is a bad conductor of heat and hence a natural insulator. This means that it will not draw heat out of your greenhouse as other framing materials do. Contrary, wood absorb heat from sunlight during the day and release it into the greenhouse at night.